About StockPhoto

What is microstock photography?

It is a collection of images, consisting of illustrations and photographs, which are catalogued according to subject matter and sold at very low prices – as low as US$1. They are the affordable alternatives to mainstream stock photo agencies like Gettys, where professional photographers sell their images at a few hundred dollars each.With microstock agencies, anyone with a basic knowledge in photography or illustration may put their images up for sale, with the microstock agency taking a cut off the sale price. Many of these images are comparable to mainstream stock agencies in terms of quality.

What are the basic requirements for microstock photography?

1.All images must be photographed or created by you.
2.Your image must have a subject or concept. No casual snapshots will be accepted.
3.Your image must meet the basic requirements of sharpness, lighting and resolution.
4. Photos which have recognisable human faces must have model releases.
5. Objects must not have any recognisable logos and trademarks.

Which microstock agencies should I join?

The first step:Open your account at moneybookers – online bank HERE
Here are some of the more established agencies: